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cyber security & audits

We know the requirements; we adhere to the requirements and that adherence allows us to understand your business and users’ relationships with IT more easily and effectively

We don’t need to push prohibitive professional services charges to understand your business and its use of IT. Through our streamlined and defined approaches, we are more easily able to ask simply questions to understand any shortfalls and rapidly provide action and implementation steps. 

These could be implemented by yourselves, your IT personnel, or through ourselves.

how we're different

We’ve done these audits ourselves; we’ve done them for over forty-customers. We know the process; the requirements and these audits and security hardening exercises are not our core business.

We’re not in it to charge consultative or professional fee’s to just understand the audit process. This is included in our approach and engagement. We have easy to understand questions and conversations to understand where any shortfalls exist, and we have clear-language solutions to meet these.

Cyber Security is the defacto issue and agenda item everyone is talking about, it doesn’t have to be complex, it doesn’t have to be hard to understand. It needs to be delivered with clear-language and understanding without exhaustive cost.