Wireless Infrastructure Services

We offer extensive wireless solutions at Taran. Having worked in various industries we provide a consultative approach to ensuring you have adequate wireless coverage, ensuring the solution is always fit for service –

Our industries –

– Aviation (Airports and assosciated areas, departure and arrival lounges and other highly-congested areas)
– Education (Colleges, Schools and Universities – From site-wide solutions to events and specific solutions)
– Hospitality (Hotels including singular sites, sprawling facilities and multi-site properties)
– Media and Events (Television and Radio events, Corporate Events, Press and Media Events including sporting events of all nature)
– Manufacturing (Warehousing and open spaces, external spaces, temperature-controlled environments and wireless sensitive areas)
– Office and Corporate (Single and multi-floor environments, geographically seperate sites)

Our approach –

Taran offer a consultative approach to determining if a current solution is fit for purpose, or to implement a new requirement and solution that is fit for purpose.

Utilising industry specific mapping software we are able to actively walk around locations and map current signal and coverage. Once we have collated current environment data we are able to then view signal patterns and signal strength in all locations. This allows us to easily identify black spots and areas of weak signal to ensure any additional wireless services bridge these gaps and allow us to propose newer solutions to ensure there is coverage in all areas.

Where a replacement service is required or a new wireless service requirement in an area that currently has no coverage we are able to utilise the same software and perform predictive surveys. Leveraging your building plans and dimensions and sampling construction materials we are able to use our software to predictively place access points and create wireless heatmaps, we are then able to accurately predict where cabling infrastructure needs to be placed and where new access points are to be located.

We offer controller and controller-less environments to suit requirements. Our controller solutions can be both onsite and cloud based hosted with ourselves.

Our wireless and networking experience further allows us to leverage segregation and quality of service protocols ensuring there are where required distinct “staff”, “guest” and “conference” services. Utilising controller-controlled environments we are able to implement VLAN technologies to allow up to 13-segregated networks all of which have customisable security implementations and QOS implementations. We are able to rapidly deploy and change SSIDs to meet your business needs.

We are able to provide wireless infrastructure from the following:

Aruba from HP
Meraki from Cisco
Ruckus from Arris
Cambium from Cambium
UniFi from Ubiquiti

For guest and conference networking as well as data capture, legislative requirements and marketing requirements we also offer software and hardware appliance-based solutions to ensure users are first met with a Captive Portal. Our CP solutions are GDPR compliant and are customisable to meet your requirements. This data can be used for marketing purpose or simply audit purpose. We deploy and support the following captive portal technologies:

Vital WiFi
Purple WiFi

Please use the contact form to find out more about our extensive consultation approach and how we are able to deliver best in class wireless solutions to all industries.

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