Value Added to existing IT

We understand there isn’t always a requirement for a fully outsourced IT contract as there may be other factors at play,

We understand that there isn’t always a requirement for outsourced IT as you may have an internal IT element or little to no IT requirement.
Our services are not just aligned to MS contracts, we are able to offer various other IT services to better support your company. Some of these are:

– Sickness and Holiday Cover
– Out of Hours Support via our Paging Services
Project Consultancy and Delivery
– 3rd line resourcing
– Managed Security support
– Office 365, Anti-Virus, Anti-Malware, Sharepoint administration
– Networking support

Businesses may grow, IT requirements grow with them, newer technologies and smarter, more efficient ways of doing business come to market. You may have a relatively small IT department, you may be the only IT representation, you may not have the continued experience with all the new technologies. Working with Taran, we are able to offer assistance, support and advice on any area of IT.

Please feel free to discuss your requirements with us. We are happy to work on permanent, temporary and adhoc basis to support your business needs and requirements.

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