Software as a Service Platform

Do you have an application that is imperative to your business operation?

Why don’t you allow us on our Cirrus platform to leverage our redundancy and our expertise to ensure it is always available. We support all packages that run on both the Linux and Microsoft platforms.

Most software vendors are moving to a cloud-based model; however, this then becomes a monopoly meaning the vendor can charge higher than average prices and force you to use their platform. By not moving to the cloud model and hosting the on-premise edition in our cloud we can offer substantially cheaper pricing to run this service. Some examples of vendors and packages we support and run for our customers –

– HR, Payroll and Financial applications
– Exchange Email systems
– PMS systems
– Revenue, Booking and Site Management systems
– Procurement, Warehouse management and other systems
– Any and all other software applications that may be bespoke to your business.

Utilising our “Software-Defined WAN” platform we offer redundant, secure and fast connections to your cloud that is transparent to your onsite and remote workers. Multipathing and redundancy are provided by this solution.

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