Security Services

With a global increase in targetted attacks in many forms, we have invested heavily in our offerings aimed at securing your business. These attacks can come from various directions, we offer bespoke and industry standard solutions to protect your business.

Attacks can come from any of the following examples –

– Spoofed emails asking for payment for invoices, or change in banking details
– Targeted anti-malware and ransomware attacks via website links, spoofed or phising emails with infected links
– DNS hijacking and rewrites forcing a users legitmate web traffic to an infected website

We provide a whole host of solutions and experience to ensure your business operates 24/7 without interruption.

We offer the following security solutions –

– Managed firewall solutions from multiple vendors.
– Firewall security services – Anti-Virus, Anti-Spam, DLP, IPS and IDS.
Email security services – Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus through cloud-hosted systems
Anti-Malware through our cloud-hosted systems
PCI-DSS, GDPR and Cyber Essentials implementations, policy work and hardening
– Secure VPN and Remote Worker solutions
– Two-factor authentication services to secure remote users
– Internal system consultancy, group policy hardening, anti-virus policy creation and other hardware/software hardening solutions.

Security should be at the forefront of any business regardless of size. We are able to consult and assist any business implement security measures to ensure smooth operation. Our extensive work within relevant governing bodies allows us to easily identify risks and propose prospective solutions.

Our Managed Firewall solution consists of an business-grade firewall that meets internal and external requirements with all associated and configured security services. These features include:

– Gateway Anti-Virus
– Gateway Anti-Spam
– Data Loss and Data Leak Prevent
– Intrusion Prevention System and Intrusion Detection System
– APT-Blocker for Malware
– WebBlocker with customisable controls
DNSWatch by ensuring websites that have been reported as unsafe are not loaded.

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