Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud Solutions

As every company differs and requirements change, we at Taran offer multiple cloud hosted solutions as follows –

Public Cloud

Customers without strict requirements due to their industry sector can leverage our public cloud offerings. Public does not imply lax security but does mean your infrastructure and services run on the same hardware that other customers run on. Absolute privacy and security measures via VLANs are implemented to ensure all data and services are strictly segregated.

Private Cloud

Customers with strict requirements regardless of security implementations for no shared hardware can utilise our private cloud solutions. Utilising the same technologies as our Public Cloud bespoke and dedicated hardware configured, setup and configured to run your infrastructure with no shared or pooled resources.

Hybrid Cloud

Customers who aren’t ready for full cloud migration or who want bespoke or core applications hosted can utilise our hybrid cloud solution. Run your critical and core applications on our infrastructure, utilise our SD-WAN solutions and keep your existing hardware and services at your site locations and keep your core systems running on our cloud solutions.

Our Cirrus Cloud is hosted and replicated between two Data Centres ensuring redundancy. We offer 99.9% SLA on uptime of your services. All our infrastructure has N+1 redundancy and power are feed by dual-feed. Our communications equipment is redundant with fibre entry points and multiple geographical locations.

Contact Us

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