PCI-DSS, GDPR and Cyber Essentials Consultancy

We have extensive experience implementing and consulting in PCI-DSS, Cyber Essentials and GDPR consultancy.

All three of these certifications have one thing in common, general security. We have implemented all three certifications in countless businesses and industries. We offer start to finish consultancy, auditing, remediation and documentation until the certification has been awarded.

We are able to combine these certifications and do little additional work to ensure these are attained at the same time.

Cyber Essentials and GDPR have a very common theme and minor additional work on the GDPR certification will allow you to apply for your Cyber Essentials qualification. PCI-DSS and GDPR again have common aspects, however PCI-DSS is a very involved process. With minor amendments and additional work those working toward PCI-DSS can have their GDPR compliance status completed as well, and further have their Cyber Essentials certification completed.


Payment Card Industry requirement for all businesses taking card payments to ensure there is inherit security in your business operation to protect card-holders. From PDQ isolation, firewall security, object and event logging on all devices, physical security requirements to quarterly auditing. This certification can be self-signed and/or imposed by your card processor.

Our PCI-DSS experience covers self-certification as well as audited deployments. We engage our experience at the start of the project and help and guide you through the certification. We are able to advise and complete all necessary IT aspects including auditing, implementation and documentation.

We work with various partners to further testing PCI-DSS, these include penetration testing, internal testing of securit and quartlery ASV scanning to ensure security is still in place.

Cyber Essentials

National Cyber Security Centre (GCHQ) certification to show your business partners that you take every precaution and have implemented relevant changes to your IT operation to protect against cyber threats. CE is a requirement for those wishing to work with the UK Government and adhere to their policy framework requirements. A generalised focus on data loss prevention, security and anti-malware are the common theme. Cyber Essentials is something all businesses should work today as it provides core security to protect both your business and your business partners.

Cyber Essentials is becoming more of a requirement for businesses dealing with each other. Cyber Essentials shows you take IT security within the business seriously. We offer full consultation, implementation and questionnaire answering assistance getting you through the entire process.

Dependant on business size, we are able to complete Cyber Essentials in three business days.


European-led requirement for all business to protect personally identifiable data held on individuals. The UK will retain GDPR even after Brexit has completed. Every business in the UK has to be GDPR compliant, and/or working towards compliancy. Inherit security, structures and policies need to exist to ensure that personal data is protected, and where kept that there is a warranted need. Data needs to be kept safe as loss of personal data related to an individual can result in heavy fines.

The defacto every business requirement since 2018, we offer full IT consultancy to implement and ensure you are GDPR compliant.

There is an IT aspect and then there is a business policy aspect, we are able to offer support and consultancy on all IT aspects and partner with iCaaS – GDPR Management who are a dedicated and leading UK business that provide dedicated GDPR support. Their services include automated policy creation, compliance checks, staff training and dedicated documentation in relation to GDPR.

Please contact us with your requirements and we will be more than happy to discuss and assist you completing any aspect of these. We are also able to offer auditing and remediation services for those that have completed any of these certifications and require sanity checking.

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