Infrastructure as a Service

Shared or managed cloud infrastructure may not be for all businesses. At Taran we provide our Managed Services support to all our cloud services and infrastructure, this may not be of use to all our customers as such we offer Infrastructure as a Service.

Our Infrastructure as a Service is a bare-metal solution offering server hardware, switching, firewall and software to meet your requirements.

All services are provisioned and built to your requirements, firewall and switching put in place and further access provided to yourselves. You are then able to install either physically your server infrastructure or install your own virtual platform as required.

We maintain and provide services for the all the hardware including server, switching, firewall and communications infrastructure ensuring always availability. You then support the services and software this hardware infrastructure provides to your business.

We offer consultancy and adhoc support for any software services you implement from a support perspective, ensuring if there are any issues, we are there to help you through them.

Our Infrastructure as a Service solution is offered at multiple data centres. We provide robust communication services to these platforms or allow you to bring-your-own communications provider into our data centres.

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