Hosted Wireless

Captive Portals, Data Logging, Cloud Controllers, Wireless Infrastructure and Management

Experts in the deployment and management of wireless system to multiple industries we are able to offer cloud solutions to complement your exisitng wireless portfolio. We offer bespoke wireless solutions to cover

– Captive Portals
– Data Logging
– Onsite and Cloud Hosted Wireless Controllers
– Small deployments and controller-less environments
– Wireless Management

Cloud hosted controllers allow us to management 5-3000 access points for small to large scale deployments. This allows us to provision, manage and monitor an entire solution through a single interface. One of the benefits of a virtual cloud-based controller is the removal of costly onsite hardware appliances and licensing by utilising our cloud licensing platform.

UK legislation implies that all guest user interaction on any publicly available system is to be logged for security reasons. Device identifiers, connection times and traffic patterns to be kept for a period of 4-weeks. This requirement is easily provided with either our Captive Portal, Data Logging and Cloud Controller solutions. To understand the requirements better and how we can help you, please do get in contact.

For marketing professionals or just merely for security recommendations we offer hardware and software captive portal technologies. Users are provided a splash page to enter their contact information. Our captive portal solutions are GDPR compliant allowing a user to opt-out of marketing communications and the storage of their data. Splash pages can be customised to your corporate branding and on successful completion of required data users can be redirected to any landing page of choice.

Our cloud controllers and management include impressive data logging capabilities and error logging, allowing us to collect metrics on user sessions, to identify congested areas, to identify problem or troublesome access points or to identify areas where signal strength does not provide adequate coverage for a good service.

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