Hosted SQL

Always available data services for mission critical applications

Database services and associated licensing costs can be prohibitively expensive. Hardware requirements for fast and always available Microsoft SQL instances can be prohibitively expensive, to mitigate these costs we offer hosted solutions to meet application requirements.

Our Cirrus solutions are far more cost effective and return greater ROI compared to Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS and Google Cloud.

Our SQL cloud hosted database service provides N+2 redundancy for all your SQL applications. High performance redundancy and load-balanced servers provide your business with a database platform built to perform. Built on our NVME storage platform, we are able to deliver and exceed your performance requirements.

Our solution is built on our Cirrus cloud platform, our solution offers

– Private and Public instances
– PCIe NVME Hot Storage
– Upto 400,000 IOPS performance with customisable minimum thresholds available
– N+2 Redundancy (Active, Active, Passive)
– Clustered Storage and Clustered Compute
– Microsoft Server 2019 and Microsoft SQL 2019 (and previous) software layer
– Complimentary backup solution at a granular level
– Multiple connectivity technologies – MPLS, VPLS, SD-WAN, VPN and secure WAN access
– Supplied SQL licensing, or alternatively bring your own SQL licensing for even better ROI

We also offer Microsoft SQL alternatives on our Cirrus platform –

Oracle MySQL
Oracle 10g to 19c

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