Hosted Anti-Solutions

Hosted Anti-Solutions – Anti-Spam, Anti-Virus, Anti-Malware cloud platforms including Internet Filtering.

We offer a wide-range of solutions further to software solutions; these services are as follows –
– Anti-Spam and Email Continuity
– Anti-Malware including Cloud Management and Reporting
– Anti-Theft/Lojack including GDPR compliance reporting
– Anti-Virus solutions
– Internet Filtering

Our Anti-Spam platform, built by Taran and managed by Taran includes industry grade checking against RBL, DNSBL and other white-listing services. Anti-Spam and Anti-Malware checks are conducted on all email traffic prior to deliver to your organisation.

Email continuity is provided free of charge on our Anti-Spam platform allowing up to 30-days of archived mail. Should any local outage or system outage occur, users are then able to login to the Anti-Spam solution with their email addresses and continue working. All new and outgoing mail still filters through this platform. On restoration of failed services email will be re-delivered to onsite services.

Malware is becoming more of an increasing threat than traditional viruses, as such we offer a robust cloud management portal for per device deployment of anti-malware. We are able to control, report on and get alerted on any issues that arise to allow us to remediate. Cyber Essentials certification which is becoming increasingly common dictates that Anti-Malware solutions are in place to ensure business best practice for security is being adhered too.

Anti-Theft/Lojack solutions are offered in the form of a software application. This package allows you to audit, report and manage laptop devices used by field users. Should a device be lost or stolen we are able to send remote commands to ensure the laptop is wiped on startup. Our Anti-Theft/Lojack solutions includes free of charge encryption services to ensure no data is accessible to anyone.

Anti-Virus solutions provided by Taran are all cloud managed. Our solutions include patch management and reporting, self-remediation and data logging compliance services. We offer two Anti-Virus platforms, both cloud-managed and maintained by Taran. PCI-DSS compliant report, auditing and logging including with these packages.

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