Disaster Recovery as a Service

Core and critical applications as well as full disaster recovery solutions are pertinent to keep your business running. Through heavy investment in our data centric solutions we can offer your business a multitude of DR solutions to meet your requirements.

Utilising technologies such as Zerto and Veeam we are able to offer replicated infrastructure and impressive RTO transitions to bring your systems backup in a timely manner. Due to cost implications we offer near instant and manual solutions depending on price and cost requirements.

Our Zerto solution offers near instant failover of critical and core systems, full infrastructure failure is offered near instantly. Seamless and agnostic we are alerted to failed services and failover. We are then able to advise and remediate issues and return infrastructure to service.

Our Veeam solution offers the same service as above, however failover is a manual process. Infrastructure can then be started on either our Hyper-V or VMWare ESX platforms and appropriate site level changes implemented to repoint services.

The DR as a Service solution provided includes quarterly and adhoc testing to ensure the service is meeting your requirements. We are able to further leverage this service to allow your internal IT or ourselves to complete and conduct maintenance tasks on onsite infrastructure while utilising the DR plans, we are then able to afterwards return to the non-DR plan on the repaired, maintained or updated infrastructure ensuring 99.9% uptime of these services with minimal business interruption.

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