Backup as a Service

Backups are imperative to a company’s operation, not just for total loss of systems but the inclusion of random deletions and restorations. Infrastructure and services to host backups can be costly.

We offer a Managed Backup as a Service solution utilising both Veeam and Acronis solutions. Backups to our solutions are stored on our infrastructure and managed by Taran. We check backups daily, have dual signoff procedures for ensuring backups are checked on a daily basis. We offer free management and remediation services as part of this service to ensure any faults or issues are remediated by ourselves.

Our Backup as a Service is fully compliant with all insurance entities for offsite backups, retention and security requirements.

Pricing for this service is provided on an adhoc basis based on the storage requirements of your backups. We also offer GFS services ensuring certain week, month and yearly backups are kept for archival purposes. We further also offer tape services for historical backups that can be stored in further offsite secure storage.

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