Business Challenge:

Exclusive Hotels have five country hotels and two golf clubs located throughout the south of England, they offer an Exclusive five-star service to their clients and therefore they demand the same from their suppliers.

The industry is a 24 x 7 x 365 operation and therefore has a high dependency on a reliable IT infrastructure to provide such a high level of service to its clients.

Exclusive Hotels were looking for a new IT supplier as their existing supplier for many years was struggling to cope with the demands of the rapidly expanding Exclusive Hotels business.

Taran Microsystems Solution:

After a successful tendering process and having beaten off stiff competition, Taran Microsystems were awarded an initial one-year contract to provide the IT services to Exclusive Hotels in November 2007. The contract was to include a dedicated engineer to work on site throughout the group’s properties for the period of 1 year, along with a full remote IT support from our Basingstoke offices. The service included supporting the existing servers, systems and communication infrastructure as well as end user desktop support and system administration.

A challenging year followed as the entire group’s systems were audited and problem areas highlighted. After extensive auditing we found that a small percentage of the infrastructure was causing the majority of the systems issues, we therefore drew up proposals to address these key issues and rectify the problems.

Ten years on and the systems are now much more stable, we have implemented projects to centralise much of the groups resources into a dedicated onsite data centre, this has led to improved systems reliability, disaster recovery and system security.

Other projects completed during the first year included replacing the wireless network infrastructure in the flagship property Pennyhill Park Hotel as the old system was becoming unreliable and was no longer meeting the ever-increasing demands of the hotels clients. A new site wide wireless network was implemented to address the issue, together with increased internet bandwidth later the same year in the form of a 100MBit capable Ethernet connection for internet access.

After a successful first year the support contract was renewed at a reduced rate due to the improvements that had been made to the systems. Moving forward we expect this to be the start of a long-term business relationship between Taran Microsystems and Exclusive Hotels.

A key feature of the contract is for Taran to proactively assist Exclusive Hotels with the development of its IT strategy, ensuring that they are leading the way in providing the best technologies available to their business and leisure clients.

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