As specialists in virtualised computing environments we can help virtualise your IT assets.

There are many benefits to virtualising your IT estate, the most important ones are providing more scalability and greater flexibility in delivering your computing resources to your applications, faster server recovery and an overall reduction in total cost of ownership.

If you are still using physical servers and backing up to tape, ask yourself ¬†“how would 24 hours downtime on your Microsoft Exchange Server go down with your CEO?” You may have everything you need to recover the server in the shortest possible timeframe, but with a 8 hour long backup to restore and a new server to reload and update even with a perfect recovery it is going to take at least a business day (and a long night of working through) to get your systems back up and running again.

With a virtualised estate using VMWare and a image level backup using Veeam the same Microsoft Exchange server could have been recovered to an operational state in minutes.

As VMWare partners we can provide an onsite capacity planning exercise to determine how well your existing systems are suited to virtualisation and then provide a quotation for a scalable virtualised environment that suits your requirements. The migration of services can often be completed with little or no downtime so it won’t have a big impact operationally to your business as the solution is deployed.

Once your server instances are virtualised they become hardware independent, that means they can be recovered more quickly at image level and re-deployed on a different hardware platform if required as part of a disaster recovery scenario.

With the addition of shared SAN storage to centralise the location of the virtual machine image files, the server instances can move  dynamically between the physical hosts to keep systems running despite a hardware failure, or if the application has peak demands for larger amounts of computing resource.

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