When we think of cloud solutions, the public cloud model is often the most recognisable.

Nearly all of us have used a public cloud solution at one time or another, whether it be a storage service such as Microsoft One dive or Dropbox, or a hosted email account such as Hotmail or Gmail.

Public clouds services are built upon a virtualised environment based on pools of physical shared hardware resource and accessed via the public internet. Public cloud provides resources to multiple organisations using the same shared infrastructure.

Public cloud infrastructure is highly resilient an consists of no single points of failure, in fact you could probably loose access to the entire datacentre where your services are hosted and the systems would continue seamlessly from a replicated datacentre without interruption.


You may have heard of some of the terms below which often are associated with public cloud solutions.


SaaS – Software as a Service, defines services such as cloud based storage and cloud based office applications.

IaaS and PaaS – Infrastructure as a service and Platform as a Service define web hosting environments and development environments.


Private cloud solutions are used extensively by individuals or by small organisations, but can equally be used by large corporations for relatively simple tasks such as document sharing for example.




Highly Scalable – Having more computing resource dynamically allocated as the applications requires.

Cost Effective – As the systems are built using quantities of scale, the solutions can work out very cheap for certain situations.

Utility style costing’s – As they are often deployed on a pay as you use model, you pay for the resources you use.

Reliable – High resilient systems, mean that downtime highly unlikely and there are no maintenance contract to worry about.

Flexible – Service delivery is very flexible and many services are available directly as applications that are ready to run to achieve your business objectives.

Location independence – No matter where you are the world your data is easily accessible regardless of location.



If you have a high utilisation computing requirement, costs can start to ramp up very quickly

Due to the dynamic nature of the billing model, monthly bills are often very hard to predict..

As data is often stored outside of the  UK, it can present a problem to certain government and private organisations in terms of legal compliance

Often server management can be limited and certain functions can be inhibited compared to a private cloud solution where you have complete control of the solution.

Security – With you data in someone else’s hands you are wholly reliant on the partners security and public cloud providers can often be high profile targets for cyber attacks.



Private cloud solutions certainly have their place and can be a great solution for certain projects, such as hosted web services. However there are some situations where they simply don’t provide the guarantees required to deliver critical line of business applications. Therefore careful consideration should be made be moving your IT services to a public cloud provider to ensure it is the right solution for your situation.


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