There are many times when looking to migrate business applications to the cloud that the off the shelf public cloud solutions just won’t cut the mustard.

Many public cloud hosting offering’s do not support legacy software versions and¬†reversely many critical line of business application’s often don’t support the very latest’s operating system and database versions.

For this situation we can assist you with architecting a private cloud solution for your needs.

A private cloud solution could comprise of your own dedicated server hosted in datacentre, up to a fully scalable highly redundant virtual environment capable of hosting your entire business. The scale maybe somewhat different but the key objectives would remain the same for either scenario.

A private cloud solutions puts you entirely in control of how and where your applications sit, how they are delivered to your workforce and the guaranteed levels of computing resource that you have assigned to them. Often for business critical solutions you need to ensure that you wont have contention with other services or be fighting for disk time on a shared storage platform, a private cloud solution deliver s a known quantity something that is critical in any design of a systems architecture.

And just because the systems private cloud not public cloud it doesn’t mean that you can’t tap into all the benefits of resilience, redundancy and high availability.

If you have a requirement and think that a private cloud solution may be the way to go, then contact us for a free consultation and we will help you find the solution that is right for your business.






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