Many companies are turning to outsourcing different aspects of their business as a way of reducing cost, but there is always a fear that in some cases outsourcing can lead to a reduction in service level.

However when you look to outsourcing your businesses IT support, the the benefits are enormous.

So why is this the case?

Most small to medium size businesses may rely on a few limited IT support resources. The costs associated with providing these resources can be considerable.

To quantify the true cost of your IT department all aspects need to be taken into account including salary, employee NI contributions, company cars, sick pay, agency fees to find the true cost of providing these resources to your business. There is also the human resources element to consider if your IT manager was to leave, who within your organisation would be qualified to find and appoint a suitable replacement.

The internal support department may be doing a reasonable job, they are available during office hours however usually one of the team is a key member and has greater knowledge to support the rest of the team. What happens if this key member of the team finds another job or has to take extended leave, how will the rest of the team cope in their absence? Are you confident that if the key member of the team left, the remainder of the team can step up and fill his or her shoes? Is the team underutilised on a daily basis, do you need that many people in the team only to fill when people are on leave or off sick rather than on a daily basis.

By outsourcing your IT to Taran we can remove all of these traditional problems associated with internal IT support.

We can provide dedicated helpdesk resources to look after your users and your business. By having a dedicated team of experienced professionals on hand we can often provide a much better service to your end users and business than your own internal support department. Often our resources will have greater experience and strength in depth than your internal team, this coupled with greater exposure to different systems and current problems the likely time to fix issues is shorter than it would be with internal resources.

The human resources benefits of outsourcing allows you to concentrate on the correct aspects of driving your business forward rather than worrying about the interviewing process and dealing with agency’s with regard to sourcing IT staff. By outsourcing your IT you can also remove that risky element of your business being very reliant on your one key IT team member and their demands.
Outsourcing can be achieved via our managed helpdesk, with multiple engineers available to take your calls. Using our remote access software we are able to take over callers systems to solve their problems for them or to guide them through a solution to the problem.
With strong SLA’s to cover critical services, we can respond quickly in the event of a systems failure and have a suitably qualified engineer on site to deal with any issues.


For larger sites we can provide dedicated on site resources to perform on site elements of the service, this can be daily or on a set schedule to suit your requirements.

If you add all of the benefits of outsourcing your IT to Taran you will wonder why you have not considered it sooner.

We are confident that we can provide a better service than your internal support for significantly less money than they cost you.

To discuss the benefits of outsourcing your IT and to see how outsourcing can reduce your IT expenditure contact us your accountant will be glad you did.



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