The level of IT support required can vary massively from business to business, no two organisations are the same and therefore we treat each and every business in a unique way and understand everyone’s needs may vary.

Many factors influence the overall amount of support a business may require, factors such as how large the IT infrastructure is, the IT skill levels of the currently employed resources and the time available they have to perform IT related tasks all influence the amount of external support a business may need.

At Taran we don’t try to shoehorn your business to fit in with our service offerings, we tailor our services to meet your requirements, not just for today but for the future. The flexibility that we have ensures that we are available to evolve along with you and your business, scaling up when you need us most and trimming down when things aren’t going so good.

It is this flexibility and our commitment that allows us to enjoy unprecedented support contract retention rates with our contact customers, many of our contracts have been with us for over a decade.

At Taran we take a pro-active approach to managing your IT. Using our in house remote management and monitoring system we pro-actively manage your IT estate, alerting us to potential issues so we can resolve them before they become major ones.

By taking this pro-active approach we can drastically improve system reliability and availability of services to your users and therefore make your IT estate more productive.

We specialise in providing unlimited IT support and therefore have a vested interest in keeping you systems running, as that is when we will be most profitable.





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