With our portfolio of strategic partners we can provide a vast array of internet connectivity options to suit your business requirements. From a single broadband line for a small business to dedicated leased lines and MPLS networks we have the skills to guide you to the right solution for your application and your business.

We offer the full range of Broadband services at competitive prices


ADSL2+ provides the best bandwidth for money in the areas it is available. With download speeds of up to 24MB/s and upload speeds of 1.5MB/s it offer significant performance increases over ADSL Max.

Fibre to the cabinet (FTTC)

Fibre to the cabinet circuits offer speeds of up to 76Mb/s downstream and up to 12Mb/s upstream. Offering the best value for money where available, some rural location’s have limited availability for this service.


For situations where upstream bandwidth is important then SDSL may be the connection for you. SDSL stand for Symmetrical Digital Subscriber Line differing from ADSL in that the upload speeds is matched to the downloads speed. SDSL lines typically provide either 512Kb/s, 1Mb/s or 2Mb/s on both the download and the upload of the connection. Ideal for site to site VPN’s when ADSL upload speeds are not sufficient. Prices vary depending on your location and the SDSL provider so please contact us for a quotation.

Bonded Solutions

Where a single line solution is just not good enough we can provide bonded DSL connections to get you the bandwidth you require without the expense of installing expensive fibre leased line connectivity. With options to bond multiple ADSL and SDSL lines together we can tailor solutions to your individual requirements.

Leased Lines

For situations where a stable internet connection is important and guaranteed bandwidth a necessity a leased line internet connection may be the solution. A leased line connection provides a guaranteed amount of connectivity without the problems of contention that occur with broadband connectivity. Coupled with the high reliability of a leased line connection and backing of a strong SLA with the line provider if your business cannot afford for your internet connection to go down leased lines are the product for you. With speeds ranging from 2MB/s to 1GB/s there is a massive amount of choice in terms of connectivity. With our experience of the market and our partnerships with numerous Telco providers we can ensure that you get the very best deal available.

MPLS Networks

For larger organisations with remote office locations MPLS networks are the solutions for bringing your network together. By implementing MPLS networks an organisation can link all remote offices together for internal traffic using internal private subnet addressing, using any combination of leased lines, ADSL and SDSL connections depending on each individual sites requirements. Internet connectivity can be centralised with a common internet breakout shared by all offices allowing for easy deployment of web content filtering and Internet security appliances throughout the enterprise.

If you have plans to expand your business or wish to review your communication costs to ensure you are getting thebest value for money then please contact us for a free communications review.



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